Loisirs Loc VTT (groupes)

Depuis 19 ans, nous accompagnons de nombreux groupes que ce soit d'adultes, d'enfants, pour des séminaires, centres de vacances, de loisirs, clubs sportifs, sur l'Aubrac, le vallon de Marcillac... N'hésitez à nous rejoindre !!

Paysages, singles, vantage points,varied and preserved paths succeed each other... That is the cocktail we will serve you, in a safe environment.

Loc VTT proposes, from 12 persons: mountainbike hire (suppled with helmets and taken to where you are staying), assistance on excursions, teaching of the essential mountainbiking techniques, itinerary reconnaissance, organisation of your circuits during your stay, mountainbiking weekends or multi-activities... If you wish to practice the activity in a specific sector, Loisirs Loc VTT will deal with the itinerary reconnaissance (adapted and secured circuit) and the transport of the mountainbikes. Loisirs loc VTT also organises specific days for children (8 to 12), in particular in the school context (integration stays, green classes) or for leisure centres, by adapting teaching methods, circuits, equipment (20 and 24 inch mountainbikes).


Sprachen :

  • Reception in 1 language(s) :
    • Francais
  • Reception in 1 language(s) :
    • Anglais


    GPS Koordinaten :

    Breite 44.360036804006086 - Länge 2.5052460510253782

    Die Tarife und Zahlungsmittel



    Activités :

    • MTB - cycles (Paying)
    • MTB - cycles
    • Activities

    Encadrements :

    • BEES MTB

    Activités de pleine nature :

    • MTB (Paying)
    • MTB (Paying)
    • MTB (Paying)

    Services :

    • Equipment hire (Paying)
    • Seminar (Paying)
    • Caterer (Paying)
    • Open from 02/03/2020 to 31/10/2020


    Name/address of establishment : Loisirs Loc VTT

    12510 Druelle-Balsac

    : Loisirs Loc VTT

    12510 Druelle-Balsac

    Mr ARNAL Pierre