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This site was carried out thanks to the financial support of:

  • the EU funds under the LEADER Programme,

  • the Département of l’Aveyron,

  • the Communauté de Communes Conques-Marcillac.

The Tourism Office Conques-Marcillac wants to thank here all the participants that made this site concept possible – territorial collectivity, organizations, associations, private individuals.

In particularly for the help from::

members of the project oversight Board Committee animated by Marie Marion, project manager and Anthony Causse, web communication manager ; Alain Dessort, Régine Pleinecassagnes, Philippe Servières, Christian Sabathier, Jean-Louis Alibert, Olivier Jallat, Régine Combal
the service Patrimoine of the municipality of Conques-en-Rouergue,
the Centre de Documentation historique de Conques,
the Agence de Développement Touristique de l’Aveyron,
the Comité Régional du Tourisme Occitanie,
the participants in historical aide (Claire Delmas, Catherine Gaich, Jean-Claude Fau and Pierre Lançon),
the authors of photographies: G. Tordjeman / D. Viet - CRT Occitanie / P. Thébault - CRT Occitanie / ADT de l’Aveyron / T. Lambelin - FAHPA / DRAC Midi-Pyrénées / Ch. Bousquet / G. Amorin / R. Magorien Columbia University / I. Kenji / G. Buecher / E. et K. Wittman / J.-F. Rouge / D. Mathieu / P. Lançon / G. Mazars / M. Rey-Robert / ASV'OLT / R. Combal / A. Causse / A. Romiguière / M. Marion


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G. Tordjeman / D. Viet - CRT Occitanie / P. Thébault - CRT Occitanie / ADT de l’Aveyron / T. Lambelin - FAHPA / DRAC Midi-Pyrénées / Ch. Bousquet / G. Amorin / R. Magorien Columbia University / I. Kenji / G. Buecher / E. et K. Wittman / J.-F. Rouge / D. Mathieu / P. Lançon / G. Mazars / M. Rey-Robert / R. Combal / A. Causse / A. Romiguière / M. Marion


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